Ngannou vs Velasquez

Ngannou vs Velasquez : UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez steps into the cage against former UFC heavyweight title challenger Francus Ngannou. The bout serves as the main event of UFC on ESPN 1, which takes place at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.


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UFC Fight Night
Ngannou vs Velasquez
Place: Talking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ
Time: 4:15pm ET
Date: 17-Feb-2019

Ngannou vs Velasquez Live Stream

This is a heavyweight fight, so there’s always the chance that one of the two men in the cage will score a knockout, but I just don’t see that happening in this fight. Velasquez is too well trained and Ngannou is too durable to allow that to happen.

Ngannou’s best chance in this fight is to score a knockout in the first round. That’s when he’ll be fresh and at his most powerful. But everyone knows that that’s the route for him to win. Don’t expect Velasquez to wade too far into Ngannou’s range during the first five minutes of this bout.

Velasquez does have the style to end a big puncher’s night, but I don’t know if after more than two years on the shelf, if he’s going to want to risk running out of gas. I expect him to use his wrestling and top game to wear Ngannou down on his way to a decision win.

Do you know how many decision wins Ngannou has in his career? The answer to that question is zero. He’s gone the distance three times and has lost all three of those contests, don’t expect him to turn that around against a two-time UFC champion.

Pick: Yes. I fully expect Velasquez to do everything he can, and style wise he can do a lot, to avoid the power punches of his opponent. The most likely outcome of this fight is that Velasquez will use everything in his bag, including his superior conditioning, to take this one the 25-minute distance, where he will win.